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Taishō gūzō roman “tei kuni sutā” First Star: Seishiro

“The era is taishō, the place destined to become a stage is here, Japan…
Our story takes place on the theater…but not exactly at this time… More precisely on a street from Tokyo, a young woman has a troubled expression, and is standing still, at that moment a young man with a beautiful face comes near to her… This is where this story of love between the famous actor and the girl begins…”

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Monthly News of April

GraaaaaaaaawR!! to everybody!! It has been soooo long right? right?! I'm so happy to be back, but I was so lazy because everytime I though of all the CDs I had to review the laziness filled my body... Anyway! As you see I'm back and I promise, in the name of all the CDs that I will write those reviews!!

Sooooo... the big news come, as you have all nitoced I am jumping directly to April's news, because next week March's CDs are out so I figured out that it would be meaningless...

Diabolik Lovers

Rejet's -already- biggest series came to an end... Just joking that's imposible instead we got big news! I guess that many or all of you know it already, but Diaboik Lovers is getting a third game with the name  Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate, in which two new characters are going to be introduced! They are the Tsukinami brothers!!!! Carla and Shin...

Carla is on third year and he will be voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki, while Shin will be on second year and he will be voiced by Morikubo Shotaro! Rejet has stated the dates of the CDs, they will be three, one per family, How will they be? Don't ask me because I don't know. The first one will be the brand new Tsukinami family (here is where you should scream "YaY!"), then we have everybody's favourite the Sakamaki family, and finally and seems like they are the least because are always left behind... the Mukami! (sincerely I prefer them).  The dates, right, the dates...
Tsukinami family........ August 20
Sakamaki family........ September 17
Mukami family........... October 15
 The Teaser Site is waiting for you to visit it!!

Next is the VERSUS II I am pretty sure that I have explained the versus order on  another post and I want to explain why did I change the info (just today), it's because when I wrote the post, the official staff blog said the versus were: Ayato VS Azusa, Kanato VS Kou (I believe), Laito VS Azusa, Subaru VS Yuuma, Shuu VS Yuuma and Reiji VS Ruki; but they changed them after they decided to make another game. But what is important here is that the first versus is going to be ...

!!Ayato VS Laito!!, the cover is already out!! And it looks kinda nice...Just... I don't like either of them, so I feel kind of partial about the pair, to tell the truth I liked the idea of making them between brothers of different families, but, maybe they will give a great turn to the sto- Oh who am I trying to fool... Anyway you can rest assured Laito and Ayato fans who follow this old blog, I will review the CD! This CD will be out on April 16!

Aaaaaand Last but not least (not like the Mukamis excuse my bad joke) the More Character Song that will be out since July 16 so we can wait a bit more, right?! the Tsukinami brothers won't be included on this series, and of course you can count with me informing about things during these year!! ^^U  I swear these year I will try harder to be here!

So we have ended already with Diabolik lovers, whew! The next part is easier! But still is mostly Rejet related stuff...

ALICE=ALICE & BaD MeDiCiNe ~Infectious Teachers~
Fans from everywhere, I am glad to announce... that this two games will be out on May 28, get those wallets ready everybody!! Who is your favourite character from Alice=Alice? And who is from Bad Medicine? Well, get ready, I will start reviewing this series ASAP! Look forward for the reviews please! I will also be reviewing rejet's Vanquish Brothers and four series from Milky Chain, I will let you guess what series will those be...

Sobo Sangokushi
Rejet's new series that will be somewhat like the wasurenagusa, but this time, instead of having a romance with the shinsengumi guys you will be having a romance with six of the characters of the nobel "Romance of the three kingdoms", so be prepared everybody, maybe more heartbreak is coming, NOTE: maybe.

I will put the Characters in order of their CDs and with their names from the original story and please correct me if I'm mistaken ^^:

Zhuge Liang [CV. Midorikawa Hikaru] (you can see him on the image)
Cao Cao [CV.Nakai Kazuya]
Zhou Yu [CV. Tachibana Shinnosuke]
Zhao Yun [CV. Morikawa Toshiyuki]
Xiahou Dun [CV. Takahashi Naozumi]
Lu Xun [CV. Shimono Hiro]
 Right now we only have the first CD cover and all the sample voices, if you are interested you can always check the  oficial site. Also, the music that rejet put on the page is just sublime, I love all the music that rejet puts on their CDs' pages (especially this one and the wasurenagusa's from both mokuhiroku and kekkonroku). The first CD will be out on April 23!

Taisho Guzo Roman Tei Kuni Suuta
Or Taisho Guzo Roman "Empires Star"....Pfffft.... I felt so ridiculous writting the title.... Anyway, what is important to note is that this is another one of the new series from rejet that are going to be out this year. The story is a bout a totally normal girl, I mean, you, that one day is declared the owner of a theatre but not only a normal theatre but the one were the idol-like actors are, and even when she is declared the owner they treat her as their slave... How will the feelings develop between you and the idols? And most importantly...Will your wallet be able to take all those CDs? Because the cast is pretty good! Let me introduce this guys!
Seishiro [CV. Sakurai Takahiro]
Isao [CV.Nojima Kenji]
Sanji [CV.Kaji Yuuki]
Fuji [CV. Kimura Ryohei]
Rei [CV.Kondo Takashi]
 Right now the Cover and Sample voices for Seishiro are out, and the CD will be released on April 23! The official page is pretty cool!

Oz to Himitsu no Ai
But, of course we still have more Rejet CDs left!! (I swear that this could be a rejet catalogue). This series are about, well, the wizard of Oz. So seems like you have this weird dreams of playing the wizard of Oz with some friends of you who I believe were orphans, so one day you open a book about the wizard of Oz and when you opened it a tornado came and sent you to the magical land of Oz! Where you meet with the guys now taking their roles of the tale for real! And of course, who do you believe is Dorothy? yeah she is going to be voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa- No just joking, but he is part of the cast You, of course! Seems like the only way to get out of this problem is by obtaining the keys, and How to obtain them? Well the following people have them:
Haruto [CV. Hirakawa Daisuke]
Chikage [CV. Kondo Takashi]
Keisa [CV. Shimono Hiro]
Shian [CV. Takahashi Naozumi]
Tenma [CV. Suzuki Tatsuhisa]
Airu [CV.Miyano Mamoru]

As the other series the first volume's cover and sample voices are out and you can check them on the official page!  The CD is going to be out on April 23!

Lip On My Prince
Or just thisdoesn'tlooklikearejetwork. This series are all about kisses, yeah, just as the name said, at least they don't lie. Seems like rejet is really putting great effort in this series, it may be because they are playing with fire here, what I mean is that all the fans know that rejet's CDs are tragic or just way too violent dialoverssomeone? Some of the things that they to note:
*Well, just, the cast, THAT cast.
*The fact that there is no Do-S, no tragic and traumatic past, it's just like hearing some CD released by honeybee (well maybe there will be more, more, more kisses!)
*The booklet with smell, for example, the first character's will smell like strawberries.
*And they got a theme song, even when it's not going to be a game.
The characters are the following:
Seiya Kitano [CV. Namikawa Daisuke]
Mahoro Sawagushi [CV. Midorikawa Hikaru]
Asahi Nagumo [CV. Suwabe Jun'ichi] (pfft the character looks so adorable I can't believe he is going to be voiced by Suwabe Jun'ichi)
Haru Yanase [CV. Toriumi Kosuke]
Norio Ban [CV. Hirakawa Daisuke]
Tomoe Naruse[CV.Kishio Daisuke]
Now you tell me if this cast isn't something! I am really looking forward to it, and I implore you to ignore my idiotic remarks XD .The Cover and the sample voices for the first CD are out!! You can of course take a look at this series on their official site! The CD is going to be out on April 23!

Girl's Therapist
Okay I'm gonna spoil it, this is one of the series I will be reviewing from milky chain, and for all the people who doesn't know it this company does only R-18 Cds so if you don't like you are not obligated to ^^, the first CD will be out on march 26, and the Second one is going to be out on April 30,  I still don't know pretty much of the series, and couldn't find who is the seiyuu anywhere so I will just let you take a look at it! And also please be careful witht hat you hear little lambs (i wanted to say it once XD) The seiyuu's pseudonym is "万里小路 麗音" Right now there is nothing but the first character's cover and voice sample, the first character is going to be voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama . Look forward to the reviews! If you are interested you can go to milky chain's official page! Where you can check all of their series' stuff and the updates ^^!

And talking about milky chain...

Tsujisaki Gakuen Seitokai no Himitsu is getting a sequel production decision, and another spoiler, I am going to review these series too!

Also talking about Honeybee....

Ayakashi gohan
Is a new series that they are developing the first two voulmes are out on May, don't miss the next news post to discover more of this series in case you didn't know about it! the official site has some info you may be interested on!

Photograph Journey

This honeybee series are getting a huge number of CDs during this monthThey are Photograph Journey ìn Kyoto~ voiced by Tachibanna Shinnosuke on April 11, ~in Aichi~ voiced by Shingaki Masaaki (?) -I'm not sure if I'm mistaken tell me please ;^;-on April 4, ~in Hiroshima~ voiced by Miyata Koki and will be out on April 18, ~In Kanagawa~ voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko

I also saw that Starry Sky is getting more CDs (yeah, I know the feeling...) but since it's out until next month I will let it as a secret ;)

Aaaaaand that's all good night!

Oh... right.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LAITO!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!

Hisashiburi, ne!

Sorry I dissapeared like that :(, it's just that I got into a lot of problems last month, so I wasn't able to hear or review CDs, I am really sorry, I will try to write all the ones I can this month (this time I swear I will). But right now I just wanted to announce something that I just read about on DiaLovers Blog and was announced today....


*EDIT* Rejet announced some changes afterI published this! I have updated already!!*EDIT*

The order will be:

*Ayato VS Laito
*Reiji VS Shuu
*Subaru VS Kanato
*Ruki VS Kou
*Yuuma VS Azusa

Also, the visual Fanbook is out!!!

Then I will be starting to write some reviews!! (I am really sorry for not being arround lately I will come back someday ;P, also sorry for not updating the versus stuff)
This is the fanbook cover:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ultimate DummyHead Song Seventh Heaven vol.5 Shion

First off, I will explain (again) what this CD is about. This series are about some shinigamis known as Seventh Heaven, who are special shinigamis who can kill a person only with their songs without giving them any kind of pain; and you, a totally normal (and unrelated to this things) girl who was trying to comit suicide, but the shinigami finds you and tells you that the door to the underworld is closed, so if you go now you will just suffer all the eternity and that way you end up living together untill Full moon. This time we are introduced to Shion [Suzuki Tatsuhisa] a shinigami with a rather Do-S character.

It all starts when Shion enters to the room where you are, and he asks why are you looking so much at him, as you ignore him he gets angry and teases you, afterwards you ask him what is he, and he gets kinda excited and asks you if you want to hear it, he tells you that he will teach you what dead is since you are from those who cry "I wanna die, I wanna die" and don't do anything, you don't seem to believe him, so he says that he doesn't care what you think, but he will thell you one thing, if he doesn't sing for you on the full moon night your soul will be between this world and the otherworld suffering forever, he says that untill the time comes you are his toy, then he sits next to you. Then he asks you if you can't do anything and comands you to do, whatever you can like if he was talking to a dog, and then asks you if you really can't do anything, and he starts laughing at you because you are about to cry, and you turn your back at him, so he asks if it's okay to do that and says that he would do a trick, and asks you if you like it from behind, so you start moving and he says that you are funny, you hit him, and he says that he will die even when he is a shinigami, and says that he is a speciall shinigami and that he will get cured if you kiss him, so he kisses you and as you don't really fight back afterwards he gets upset and goes away. Then we get to hear Shion sleep-talking, and then Kanade's raven wakes him up (presumably he threw something to Shion), so when he wakes up he says that he will go and play with you again, and asks the raven if he is going too, so he talks a bit with him, then the raven leaves and Shion gets upset with him and yells at him, in a really childish way, he then finds you being "attacked" by some kind of spirits, and asks you how do you feel when they are molesting you, and then makes them fade away by whistling, then he says that it's obvious that everybody dislikes suffering.

Shion enters tha room where you are and asks you to go with him, the next thing we hear is Shion yelling that you have reached to Akira's room and he starts checking everything, and says that he he is still playing poker alone, and then takes Akira's books and says that he will grab only the perverted ones, and he makes you write on a paper "I did it" you are kind of hesitant, and Shion says that it's okay since Akira ain't scary when he gets angry, and so to the next room, Hinata's! but he blocked it, so Shion just forces it, so you two enter, and he starts checking Hinata's stuff too, and finds a box, so he tries to open it, but it's closed with key, so he says he will give up and then he just breaks it, he finds a recipe, and breaks it, next he finds his diary, the best traduction I could make of what it says:
  " Today I cooked something for Akira, when I ended I thought of giving it to him, but he rejected it, it was a little shame, Itsuki ate the whole thing, so I think it doesn't taste so bad, but I didn't see Itsuki lately, I wonder why. As expected when I talk with Mint I get a bit nervous, I want to know about his scar, maybe Kanade knows something. Finally today I thought again that Yuuri shouldn't exist."
 But as there was nothing about Shion written there he got angry and broke the diary, afterwards you went to Yuuri's room, then Shion mentions that now Yuuri is collecting dolls and they have their names written on their ring finger, suddenly a trap opens and throws something to Shion who can dodge it and then more go out, Yuuri comes in and Shion and you hide on his closeth, he says that you smell well from your soul, you try to move but he says that if you do that and Yuuri finds you he will do something bad to both of you. Then he remarks that you smell really good, then he licks you and Yuuri goes out, you go out of the closeth and you say that you noticed that he "saved" your soul when he licked you, he gets really upset with you and goes out. The next track starts with you entering a room where Shion was playing billard, he tells you that you shouldn't be there since you can't play billard, you answer that you wanted to talk with him, so he starts telling you to go out, but you just plainly ignore him, so he says that he would hear you if you let him do whatever he wants and pushes you to the billard table, adn as you don't fight back he says that you really came for that and not to talk with him, then he licks you but as you still don't fight back he says that you are bored, then you ask him why did he saved your soul, he says that he didn't have a reason, he admits that he just hates to see that, and asks you  if you think that he is pathetic for it, you tell him you don't and so he says that you are an idiot and says that he is tired so he says that you should go to the sea. On the next track Shion parts the sand, your part and his part and tells you not to go near, he says that if you go near you will starts a war, and then a wave breaks his sand castle (Tatsun's voice is so funny here XD), then as you start laughing he shoves you and your clothes get wet so you two start a water fight and the scene fades when the water gets into Shion's eyes, then you two are talking and he says that it's time to go back to the mansion, you tell him you still don't want to go back, and he says that you get lonely easy, but as you don't answer he says it's okay to stay a bit more, and tells you sit next to him, you go and he says that the next day is the full moon, then he starts talking about dead and how humans tend to fear death, he says that you don't look like that, and you thank him, then he asks you what was so painful that caused you to commint suicide, you answer that there was so much that you couldn't explain.

Finally is the day of the full moon, Shion says that he though that you would be afraid and that you wouldn't go, he asks you if you want him to sing and you say you do, he says that before that he would like to see your soul first, you are surprised and he says that if you can't tell him what made you want to die you could let him see it, so he saw your soul and says that you had a beautiful soul and that he knew that you were an idiot, he tells you to let him touch you, he licks you and kisses you, he asks you to let him hear your voice, he continues kissing you and he says that if he holds you like that you won't be able to move, he tells you to ask him to kiss you more, but you can't, then he says it's okay since he wants to do it more with girls like you, he tells you to say what you are doing or he will end it, you say it and he continues kissing you, then you start crying but he says that it's stupid since he will forget you in no time, and says that if you don't want him to forget you you should not go anywhere, he says that in order for you to not feel alone in the other world you should look his face, he says that you shouldn't cry since he will let you go...


Then the "last message" track, Shion laughs of you for diying and tells you to say something if you are upset, and tells you that now you are dead you can't and says that it happens to all of them (oh!), and starts yelling at you telling you to fade and dissappear, it ends with Shion crying in frustration...


As always Seventh Heaven doesn't fail on breaking my heart. The voice acting was as good as always the emotions of Shion are clearly explained on this CD, and it makes you pass from laughing to crying in a second, I give this a 5/5. Good story, the character development was pretty well and the voice acting was just superb.

I want to say sorry for not writing anything in a month, there was too much to do on October for me, many, many things, I will try my best to finish my reviews this month ^^ !!

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Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa vol.1 Okita Souji

Attention Please!!! be warned this is a R-18 CD you may only hear this if you are prepared!! Yes, even when the levels are lower in this CD there are actually scenes so~ ~ ~. Also, if you are going to hear this CD I would totally recomend to hear the first one before you hear this one, since it's easier to understand it after hearing the Mokuhiroku CD.
The first track is the introduction, where Okita [Suzuki Tatsuhisa] explains how long have it been since Ikedaya's incident, seems like not only did the Shinsengumi became known, but also disliked and feared, Okita explained that even when he didn't really liekd being feared it didn't give hims a bad feeling what was kind of weird, but for Kondo all of that was a painful thing and he disliked it compeltely, but Okita says that Kondo shouldn't mind it so much, since all of them, no he was there just to move his sword for Hijikata and Kondo's sake, he says that he doesn't care what anybody else says, if his heart comes to hurt him he thinks that he will die, before his body gets rotten he will die, he says that he only lives wishing them a long live. Then you are cleaning Okita's room and when he gets inside he can't stop coughing because of all the dust inside and he starts scolding you for not ending your chores in time and for not being able to make it properly, you say you are sorry what kind of angriest Okita more, and he sends you out, you leave, and Okita starts talking to himself about how his body is too weak, when suddenly you go back to his room and surprise him, so you hand him clothes and a washcloth, but he says that it is useless since there are clothes in his room too, you reaply that these ones are better since they are still warm, so he takes them and thanks you but he says that it isn't like he asked you for them, you start doing some stuff around (I'm sorry I didn't really got what he says) and so he asks you why are you doing so, you tell him that it's because even if you ain't a good at doing your chores you want to be good at being his assistant, Okita whispers that he doesn't even need someone to help him and you know that he will say so, but when you ask what did he said he answers that it might be your imagination, but leaving that aside you shouldm't imagine things with his voice since it gets on the way. He asks you to help him change his robes and dry his sweat since his body is kind of heavy, you get embarassed when he took off his clothes, you start drying him and accidentaly touched him, but he asks if it was on purpose, he said that he would have used that oportunity, but you are most likely to be the kind of person who likes more to be the one who receives it (it's hard to say it in english orz), so he asked you if you wanted it, and if you were sincere he would at least kiss you, so as you get embarassed he says that you can leave it like that and so he says you that in exchange for the clothes gesture he would kiss you...on your forehead and you are surprised, then he says that after being really angry after the training he was happy to find you there, and asks you if you didn't notice by him being that angry for the chores, so you answer him that you didn't noticed, since is always kind of mean with you, afterwards there is a festival and you do want to go, but since Okita finds it annoying he says that he doesn't want to go, and asks if you do, you answer that you don't although you really want to go, so later Okita goes to your room and tells you to get changed since he won't wait for you, and you answer what is he up to, so he answers that he will go with you to the festival since he noticed that you really wanted to go, so you go to the festival and do plenty of things together, you seem to find a place where they sell "kamikazari" (I think i forgot what where them :I) so Okita mentions that he knew how to do many of those things and you ask him to teach you, but he says that he only would do that if you become good at doing things, then you go to another place kind of far to rest a bit, and see the fireworks, then Okita says that he has always thought that he wanted to be like a firework, shining in the sky, and then fading calmly, afterwards we get a scene of him kissing you and touching you (and stuff x////x). After that day Okita starts feeling deeply sick and the weather was bad so you go to his room to take care of him as almost always, and so you get in argument, since he really hates the idea of having to stay the rest of his life sleeping and having someone to look after him, since he always wanted to protect those near him, and asks you to tell Kondo that he wanted to talk with him.  The next track is when you go inside of Okita's room and he looks kind of down, you talk to him and he says that Kondo went to talk to him, and told him that he can leave the headquarters now at free will, but Okita feels like he is totally useless and so he tells you to say that he is useless and that you don't need him to be there any more, but you don't want to, so he says that he will punish you in the name of those who don't need him anymore. And so the first CD ends.

In the beggining of the second CD we continue with the previous track's story, Okita angry starts making kiss marks on your neck but he bites and the marks have blood, he bites your tongue and your ears too finally he scratches your back and he asks you why do you still accept him, even if he damages you so much in the end he asks you to forgive him and starts kissing you again but this time he treats you gently and in the end he says that it will probably be the last time he treats you so gently. Then you wake up and go outside to find Okita watching the moon, he asks you if you have ever heard of the country where it is night almost all the time, and he says that he would love it if it were to be night always, so he could be with you all the time, but in the end that's just impossible, and says that he decided to do as Kondo said and leave the headquarters, he tells you that you shall not go with him, since you were helped by the shindengumi and you owe them your life so you shall stay. The next track is Okita talking to himself, saying that he hasn't send a single letter to the shinsengumi, and how he is curious about how are the others but he must not send a letter since everyone will get worried about him, and he talks about how you keep sending him letters where you explain him many things and says that maybe in the end he won't be able to endure it and he will send a letter, suddenly he remebered the promise he made to you and says that in the end that will hold him back. In the last track he goes back to the shinsengumi and tells you that he came back to fulfill his promise...


First off, I want to say that I was planning on doing a review way more specific, like almost all the others I have written but, this CD is way bigger than others so I just ended up reducing it. Second, I decided to write this before the other ones on my list because I couldn't hold back. And now, to the opinion... This was totally sad, but somehow I think that Okita was happy in the end (I mean this one ended up better that the second one *cough*), and I really feel sad because the second CD touched me, I give this one a 5/5, the story is a s good as always, and I have to say that the voice acting really had the energy needed in the last track of the first CD, all the frustration in Okita, the sorrow all were very well transmited and the fact that rejet managed to suggest the dead was just sublime... Am I really looking forward to the third CD? Yes and No, I don't know if my heart will be able to handle of that heartbreak. This is way larger than expected